Development of prototypes

Are you looking for a mechatronic engineer with practical experience and a fully equipped workshop?

You would like to keep investments for a prototype within a manageable budget?

Being flexible and agile are the necessary characteristics of companies today to be successful in the market. Often innovative products get stuck in the idea phase because nobody is able to convert the technical challenges into a prototype in a targeted manner. The reasons for this are manifold. Often one needs an experienced practitioner at one’s side, who, in addition to his technical interdisciplinary knowledge, is also open-minded, agile and technically capable of creating the prototype himself.  Here is a small insight into our machinery: 

  • CNC milling machine,
  • welding machine,
  • soldering machine,
  • lathe,
  • 3D printer

Since 2006, we have developed various prototypes for different industries both in the aviation industry and for SMEs and start-ups in the field of IOT (Internet of things) and Smart City.

The interaction of actuators, sensors and mechanics and their connection to the IT-world has always accompanied us. We find challenges and technical hurdles in projects particularly exciting and attractive. In addition to construction, we implement things directly in our workshop. This shortens the development time considerably.

Selected projects

Aviation industry

During our many years of working for the aviation industry, we have learned how necessary it is to work with foresight and to comply with quality criteria. These experiences still characterize our work today.  Somewhat longer back but very demanding and complex was the development of an adaptive controllable-pitch propeller for sports aircraft for the aviation industry.

Big Industry

 Construction of an electro discharging machining (EDM) for Siemens

IOT (Internet of things) and Start-Ups

A young company from northern Germany needed a housing for a conventional parking sensor and found that all components of the parking sensors available on the market were firmly sealed to the unit and could not be opened.  We redesigned this parking sensor and printed it with our 3D printer.

Another company had developed a prototype for an EdgeAI camera to be used in traffic counting and parking management. The challenge in this project was to design a high quality looking housing, but without the typical shape of a camera. In this project we designed the housing and installed the components.

If you need a development partner for your planned prototype, do not hesitate and call Phillip Schlautmann from mon-fri 9 a.m.-4.p.m. under +49 2948/ 9493425 or send us a message. We will call you back immediately.