3 D – printer

Are you looking for a 3D printer for the following materials: glass, ceramics, metal, plastic or elastomer?
The unique selling point of our printers is that all our printers process granulate, which has the advantage that they do not have to process filaments and therefore have material savings of up to 90%.

In 2009 we developed our first 3D printer (additive manufacturing). Over the past few years, new demands have been placed on us and our printers time and again.
We now have 3D printers that are capable of binderjetting and fused feedstock deposition.

Case 1

Problem: We want to process powders with grain size 0-5 mm


  • How do I apply the powder?
  • How do I get ink into the powder layer?

The way: Development of a powder bed printer


Powder bed printer for heavy clay

Case 2

Problem: Integrating conductor paths into a ceramic component
Question: How do you get metal particles discretely distributed in the powder bed?
The way: Development of a powder bed printer with 2 print heads
Solution: FILUS 3
Powder bed printer

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