MTplus 3D-Permanent Printing Plate – the original with 5 years warranty

Since 2009 the original MTplus 3D-Permanent Printing Plate is in continuous use at many customers in 3D printing. Since 2017 our MTplus 3D-Permanent Printing Plate is in use on the ISS. The MTplus 3D Permanent Printing Plate allows to print

  • PLA,
  • ABS,
  • ASA,
  • igus Tribofilament,
  • POM,
  • TPE or
  • Laywood and many more on a heating bed.

The unsurpassed material properties of the permanent printing plate allow optimum adhesion of the printed parts during printing. When cooling down to room temperature, the printed parts then release themselves. The original MTplus 3D Permanent Printing plate is not subject to wear and tear and can be used permanently. The undesired sticking of adhesive tape to the printing surface is eliminated, as is the need to rub in adhesive agents. Far beyond the legal warranty period, we offer a 5-year warranty on the MTplus 3D Permanent Printing Plate. We have tested many materials and found that most materials work very well on the permanent printing plate.

However, there are also materials that do not adhere to the plate and materials that adhere too well to the plate, so that the life expectancy of the plate is reduced. For the processing of PA (Nylon) an adhesive layer of PVA is required. For PETG we also recommend a PVA layer, because PETG adheres so well that the board ages prematurely. For high temperature materials such as PEEK, the board is not permanently suitable. New materials are also constantly being developed, so we hope you understand that we limit our warranty promise to the materials we have tested. Please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

Overview of dimensions and prices
Description Example printer x (mm) y(mm) Price incl. 19% VAT  
Special permanent printing plate custom made Custom size Xmax.: 3000 mm ymax.: 1200 mm        
MTplus-permanent printing plate 225x150x0,95mm   225 150 39.33  
MTplus-permanent printing plate 250x160x0,95mm Makerbot size 250 160 46.17  
MTplus-permanent printing plate 200x200x0,95mm Small size 200 200 46.17  
MTplus-permanent printing plate 214x214x0,95mm MK2 size 214 214 52.52  
MTplus-permanent printing plate 220x220x0,95mm Anet A8 size 220 220 55.37  
MTplus-permanent printing plate 230x230x0,95mm Mendel size 230 230 60.29  
MTplus-permanent printing plate 250x235x0,95mm Renkforce RF1000/2000 size 250 235 66.70  
MTplus-permanent printing plate 229x257x0,95mm Ultimaker 2 size 229 257 66.81  
MTplus-permanent printing plate 357x279x0,95mm Ultimaker 5S size 357 279 111.43  
MTplus-permanent printing plate 300x200x0,95mm BigBox-Printer size 300 200 68.07  
MTplus-permanent printing plate 275x215x0,95mm UP-Box size 275 215 67.11  
MTplus-permanent printing plate 300x300x0,95mm Maxi size 300 300 100.91  
MTplus-permanent printing plate 420x420x0,95mm Protos X400 size 420 420 195.50  
MTplus-permanent printing plate 368x254x0,95mm Raise 2 size 368 254 104.71  
MTplus-permanent printing plate 340x330x0,95mm Raise pro size 340 330 125.22  
Round plates   diameter   Price incl. 19% VAT  
Special permanent printing plate custom made Custom size Dmax.: 1000mm        
MTplus-permanent printing plate D300 Round for Delta-Printer 300   130.66  
MTplus-permanent printing plate D235 Round for Delta-Printer 235   92.59  
MTplus-permanent printing plate D200 Round for Delta-Printer 200   75.92  


Advantages at a glance
– 5 years warranty

-In use on the ISS since 2017

— Direct printing on the 3D Permanent Printing plate

-without adhesive tape

-Optimum adhesion during the printing

-Easy to remove after printing

-Suitable for PLA, ABS, ASA, igus Tribofilament, POM, TPE or Laywood

-Long-term use with proper treatment

– Also available in special shapes on request

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