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MTplus Permanent Printing Platte

The original MTplus permanent printing plate allows PLA, ABS, ASA, igus Tribofilament, POM or Laywood to print on a warmed bed. The excellent material properties of our permanent printing plate allow optimal adhesion of the printed parts during printing, when cooled to room temperature, the printed parts separate from themselves from the printing plate. The original MTplus permanent printing plate is not subject to wear and is used permanently. The annoying glue the printing area with tape eliminated, as rubbing with obscure adhesion promoters.

Dauerdruckplatte im Einsatz

The first permanent MTplus printing plate was put into operation in 2009 and still works like the first day.

A detailed report on the MTplus continuous printing plate can be found here: 



Printing temperatures:

ABS85-120CASA80-110 C
PLA45-60 CHPMC40-50 C
Laywood90-100 CIgus Triebofilament90 C

Secure today your new original MTplus continuous pressure plate and send an order by Emai at:  philipp.schlautmann@mtplus.de

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Spezial Dauerdruckplatte Kundenformat                 Custom size

MTplus-Dauerdruckplatte 230x230x0,95mm           Mendel size59,04 € incl. VAT 7,41 €
MTplus-Dauerdruckplatte 200x200x0,95mm           Small size45,22 € incl. VAT7,41 €
MTplus-Dauerdruckplatte 214x214x0,95mm           MK2 size51,43 € incl. VAT7,41 €
MTplus-Dauerdruckplatte 300x300x0,95mm           Maxi size98,77 € incl. VAT7,41 €
MTplus-Dauerdruckplatte 225x150x0,95mm38,53 € incl. VAT7,41 €
MTplus-Dauerdruckplatte 250x160x0,95mm           Makerbot size45,22 € incl. VAT7,41 €
MTplus-Dauerdruckplatte 250x235x0,95mm           Renkforce RF1000 size65,30 € incl. VAT7,41 €
MTplus-Dauerdruckplatte 250x235x0,95mm           Ultimaker 2 size65,41 € incl. VAT
7,41 €
MTplus-Dauerdruckplatte 300x200x0,95mm            BigBox-Printer size66,64 € incl. VAT7,41 €
MTplus-Dauerdruckplatte 275x215x0,95mm             UP-Box size65,70 incl. VAT7,41 €
MTplus-Dauerdruckplatte D300                             Round for Delta-Printer 128,52 € incl. VAT7,41 €
MTplus-Dauerdruckplatte D235                             Round for Delta-Printer 91,28 € incl. VAT7,41 €

 If you need another format, please consult for advice.

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